Privacy Policy

How we treat personal information (privacy policy)

This office respects the privacy of our clients and seeks to protect their personal information. The following rules describe how we treat the personal information used in our business operations, and on the homepages we operate and manage.
1. Collection of Personal Information
This office collects, by lawful and fair means, only the personal information necessary for our business operations. .
2. Use of Personal Information
This office uses collected personal information only where necessary for our business operations. Personal information will not be used for any purposes other than the following;

  • – when we receive requests for documents and respond to clients,
  • – when we reply via e-mail to inquiries through our homepages.
  • – when providing services such as shipping, confirming, and replying to inquiries about products you have ordered from us.

Should the above-mentioned purposes of usage change, we will notify clients of the changes by a letter or other means and officially announce the changes on our homepages.

3. Safeguarding Personal Data
We have established sufficient security safeguards in order to protect the personal data we handle against disclosure, prevent loss and impairment, prepare safety management rules for other personal data, and prepare an execution system.
Furthermore, we have taken appropriate measures to maintain accuracy and stay up-to-date in order to fulfill the purposes for which the data is to be used.
4. Sharing Personal Data with Third Parties
When we provide personal data to third parties, we do not provide data without consent of the client concerned except in the following cases;

  • – when complying with the law,
  • – when it is necessary in order to protect a human life, body, or property, or when it is difficult to obtain consent of the client concerned,
  • – when it is necessary to cooperate in order for a national organization or municipal corporation, or a person entrusted by a national organization or municipal corporation, to carry out his/her legal activities, or when obtaining consent from the client may cause difficulty in carrying out the relevant activities.