Artist / Illustrator Hiroshi Watanabe

1961 Born in Osaka,Japan
1984 Graduated from Osaka University of Arts Design course
Received an award for Excellence in New York ADC Award,
an Honorable Mention in Nikkei Advertisement Prize,
and many other awards.

With sheer expressive power and beautiful yet gentle hues,
his pastel paintings have received much acclaim not only in Japan, but worldwide.
He has worked for many years as an illustrator for company advertisements
as well as a wide range of other activities including designing postage stamps,
TV advertising, merchandise, and designs on the walls of public buildings.
In terms of his painting career, he has held gallery sponsored exhibitions
at domestic and international locations such as art shops and department stores.

In addition, he periodically hosts private exhibitions that expand upon his image.


1987 IBM・ABC&PI Exihibition Grand prize
1987 4th The Choice in magazine "illustration" Grand prize
1988 Jpan Catalog・Poster Exihibition Section prize
1988 New York ADC Award
1989 Hokkaido Newspaper Advertisement Grand prize
1991 New York ADC Award
1991 8th The Choice in magazine "illustration" Special prize
1992 New York ADC Award
1993 Japan Industrial Advertisement Section prize
1994 Nikkei Advertisement Section prize
1996 New York illustration Society International Section prize
1998 JPC Section prize



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